What causes 97% of all cancers and what to do about it

David Wolfe has been doing some excellent interviews in preparation for his Longevity Conference. I thought I’d pass this on. Here is the text from the email I received from him along with a link to listen to or download the interview. Check it out and let me know what you think!


What Causes 97% of All Cancer?
An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Mark Merriman

Recently we released an interview I did on anti-cancer
that was so popular our server crashed three times!

Since the response was so enormous, I decided to address
the topic of cancer again with my good friend and favorite
doctor, Mark Merriman, M.D.

In this exclusive interview with Dr. Mark Merriman, you will discover:
What causes 97% of all cancers (You will not believe it!)

The toxic substances you MUST avoid (you and your family might
be breathing them every day)!

What foods assist the enzymatic breakdown of all toxins.

The two miracle supplements that remove toxins safely and
effectively that are cheap and easy to use!

Why liver detoxification is critical if you want to experience
superior levels of health.

Dr. Merriman’s inside experience with modern medicine and
what is causing the breakdown of the current medical model.

Click Here to Listen Now!

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