Testimonial from a rock climber

First, our clinic would like to wish all of you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday. While we live in “interesting time” with much uncertainty and turbulence, we all still have MUCH to be grateful for. I encourage all of you, while you’re hustling and bustling for this holiday season, take a minute or two tomorrow to think about 5 things for which you are profoundly grateful. You’ll be amazed at how much better it makes you feel. And don’t forget to move!

Now, I recently sent an email out to some clients we hadn’t heard from in awhile, just checking in to see if all was well. One sent this message back, thought I’d share it with you folks. When he first came in he had shoulder pain bad enough that he wasn’t able to pursue his passion of rock climbing.


I still have two open slots with you guys and intend to use them as future “tune ups”. The reason you don’t see much of me is that you have done such good work! I’m still rock climbing twice a week and pain free. I think you guys are just amazing. It’s too bad more people don’t realize that nature works pretty well at healing things! We (as a culture) are so ingrained in prescribing pills, cutting things out or replacing them with Titanium. What a shame.

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