Stand up for the safety of our food supply

This is a great post from our Portland clinic’s blog. I put this up on my Facebook page, had yet to get around to putting it up here so I’ll just link to Matt’s post. I’ve already signed this petition and I encourage all of you to do likewise.

Folks, if you haven’t read up on this you need to understand something. These genetically modified crops are absolutely insidious. Setting aside the health issues of genetic foods for a moment, even if you feel these foods are ok, understand the impact these crops have. If you have an organic alfalfa crop and right next to yours is a crop with genetically modified/Roundup Ready alfalfa, it is simply a matter of time before your organic crop is literally infected with the genetically modified crop. Long story short, your crop will no longer be organic.

and amazingly, Monsanto will then send their lawyers to your farm with evidence that you are “using” their seeds without paying for them and will then attempt to extort payment from you at the risk of criminal charges. If you believe this is an exaggeration, please comment below and I will be happy to go look up example after example of where this has already happened. It’s criminal, plain and simple.

If this trend is allowed to continue, our ability to grow ANY organic crops will be sorely jeopardized.

Stand up, folks. Please read this article and then sign the petition at the bottom. Your children and your grandchildren will thank you.

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