Do you want things to get better? Then you must do this ONE thing……

One thing I love about my job is that I get to work with a lot of different kinds of people. I mean, a LOT of different kinds of folks. If you can think of a personality type, I’ve seen that type in my clinic several hundreds if not thousands of times.

One personality type I consistently get is the person who thinks they always need something newer, flashier, harder or whatever to continue to improve. They come in and we have a conversation that goes something like this:

Me: How are you doing?

Client: Well, I’m better but I’m frustrated that I’m not improving at a faster rate.

Me: Ok, let’s go back over the basics and see if those are in place.

And then I ask questions like “are you doing your menu every day? Are you going slowly enough to pay attention to form, ensuring you’re not just rushing through your ecises but you’re doing them correct to get maximum value from them? When did I see you last, is this current visit within the time frame I advised? Did you have any challenges or issues that I could’ve assisted with that you didn’t tell me about? Basically, I’m going back over what I wrote about a few years ago in my post “The 5 Keys to Getting the Most From Egoscue”, and in 99% of the cases, the answer is that they are NOT doing at least one or more of the things above. In other words, they are telling me they want some new menu with “better” exercises or “harder” ones, and yet they really haven’t even been doing the ones I already gave them.

Look, I’m as guilty of this as anyone. I think it’s human nature. We see something we want to improve and instead of ensuring that we are mastering the basics, we look for shortcuts, or we look for the flashier/sexier/shorter/harder/whatever solution. Sometimes change IS needed, but often the best results come from not introducing something new, but rather, by mastering the basics of what we already need to be doing.

I received an email today that had a great story in it about the legendary football coach Vince Lombardi. Let me share it with you:

When Vince Lombardi took over the Green Bay Packers some years ago, he was asked what he was going to change. The players? The plays? The training process? How was he going to turn this team around after a string of failures and bad years in football?

Lombardi is reported to have replied, “I am not going to change anything. We will use the same players, the same plays, and the same training system. But we will concentrate on becoming brilliant on the basics. Before I am finished, we will be the best team in the National Football League in kicking, passing, blocking, running, and catching. We will run our plays with such precision that the other side will know what we are going to do but will be unable to stop us. We will be brilliant on the basics.”

I remember reading about John Wooden, the man I consider to be not just one of the great coaches of any sport in the history of sport, but also a great man. I heard Bill Walton, one of his star players, talking about what it was like at the first day of practice each season. Now remember, this was the basketball coach at UCLA, a man who won more national championships than any other basketball or football coach before or since. He wasn’t coaching at an elementary school, he was coaching at the highest college level, and he was coaching players who would go on to have professional hall of fame careers. You know what he did on the first day of practice at EVERY season?

He spent time instructing his players on how to properly put on their socks.

I am not kidding. Think that’s dumb? Well what happens if you don’t put your socks on correctly? You will get friction in your feet from your socks rubbing against your skin. That friction will create a blister, and once you have a blister on your feet, you cannot run and move with proper efficiency, and the player can’t properly focus on the task at hand when ever step is painful. Coach Wooden was not going to let something as basic as improperly worn socks impede his ability to get the most out of his players. So he spent time covering this basic thing.

What in the world does this have to do with Egoscue? If you are doing Egoscue, spend some time and energy and intention ensuring you are mastering the basics! Go read my “5 Keys” post again, do your ecises correctly, do them every day, communicate with your therapist, schedule your visits for when you’re told you need to get back in. Master the basics, and you will get maximum benefit from the time and money you are investing in your body and with Egoscue. if you’re not sure you have mastered the basics, then let your coach (your Egoscue therapist) help you. Ask for help and I promise you, they’ll do everything they can to ensure you have the basics dialed in so that you can make maximum progress.

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2 Comments on “Do you want things to get better? Then you must do this ONE thing……”

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  2. […] Do you want things to get better? Then you must do this ONE thing…… […]

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