She’s using Egoscue to help travel the world!

My wife Theresa has a client who is absolutely one of the coolest, sweetest women you will ever meet. And she’s doing something that just amazes me. She sold a successful business, sold her home, gave her car away, gave a bunch of other stuff away, and rented a small apartment to stash her stuff and then embarked on a 2-3 year ‘around the world’ trip by herself! She’s going to be exploring some really fantastic places. For example, she has a list of the top ten diving spots in the world and one of her goals for this trip is to visit each one of them.

She works with my wife Theresa via Skype about once a month, calling up from wherever she happens to be. Theresa saw her today and she sent out this email after the visit. She periodically sends out emails to her friends and family to update them on how her trip is going, and this was today’s update. Enjoy!


So there I was going along just fine and then I woke up with my right hip KILLING me. Seriously I felt as if I needed a walker.

It was getting depressing since I’m here in Paris – the land of walking – and the Parissiennes do it in HIGH heels while laughing and smoking and who knows what else..

So I called my trusted Egoscue therapist, Theresa, from the Austin Egoscue Center.

She put me on skype and told me to let her see me standing so she could see my knees, and sure enough my right knee was TOTALLY out of alignment – probably from carrying this heavy bag without wheels. And she gave me a new set of exercises – just like that. No wonder my hip was hurting. It was heading east and my knee was heading west.

The ONLY way that I can travel abroad is with my trusty Egoscue therapist, Theresa Mathes, there in Austin, ready to jump in and show me how to straighten myself out now and then.

That’s what so great about egoscue – I can HELP MYSELF – without drugs or devices. It’s SOOO empowering.

I TRULY believe than an investment in one’s alignment is an investment in one’s mobility. It’s all I can do not to jump on my soapbox when I see all these folks SUFFERING with walkers and canes and wheelchairs – barely shuffling along – if that.

If you have aches and pains in your shoulders, knees, feet, arms, legs, hips, back, or neck, PLEASE consider going to a local Egoscue center at

Yours in easy mobility

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