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Egoscue helped a tennis professional stay on the court!

May 31, 2011

Shelly came to us a few years ago with several different issues. I’ll let her tell you her story!


My name is Shelly Works. I am a 42-year-old tennis player. I had been battling plantar fasciitis and knee pain for over a year and a half before I cam to Rick at the Egoscue clinic in Austin, TX. I teach tennis for a living and compete at the state and national level. The pain was severely impacting my quality of life and my active lifestyle.

I had been to see several doctors and received the standard shots and treatment. All helped for a brief period, however, the pain always returned, and it was accompanied by another pain somewhere else. I had resorted to taping my feet and knee daily just to get by.

I had previously read and used the exercises in the Pain Free book by Pete Egoscue for a hip problem, and it had taken care of the problem. I did my E-cises daily with great results. All went well until we moved and my routine was disrupted. I went months without being able to resume my routine. By the time I could, I had developed plantar fasciitis in both feet and was dealing with knee and shoulder pain. I knew I had a dysfunction somewhere that was causing these problems, but I realized that I needed some help and direction on where to start. All the shots, taping, and treatment were not addressing the root problem. I had spent over $3,000 on orthotics; none of which helped.

I decided to call Rick at the Egoscue clinic in Austin, TX and see if he could help me get back to a life without pain. I was still teaching, training, and competing the whole time I saw him. The transformation was AMAZING!!!! Within one month, I was able to stop taking 8 ibuprofen a day as well as stop taping my feet! My knee pain subsided, and I was able to walk barefooted again with no pain! I had not been able to jog at all. After my 4th visit, I was able to run 4 miles and live to walk and talk about it the next day! I do my E-cises daily now and feel the best I have felt in 8 years. My speed is back, as well as my strength and flexibility.

I so believe in the Egoscue method that I have paid for family members and friends to go and experience the benefits themselves. I would recommend the Egoscue method to anyone who is suffering from pain. It is possible to live a life pain free without shots, surgery, and orthotic devices, which only alleviate the symptoms and do not address the root problem causing all the pain. I am living proof that it works, and so is Rick. His story is absolutely AMAZING!

I am so grateful to Rick and the Egoscue method for getting me back on the court at the level I was use to. I am able to train and do footwork as I previously had before I developed the problems. In the future, if I happen to develop any more problems, I know where I am going—to Rick at the Egoscue clinic in Austin, TX. Thanks, Rick! You are the BEST!

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How to Refer to Egoscue

May 27, 2011

I know this post is going to sound presumptuous so let me explain why I’m writing it.

We’re blessed with VERY cool clients. Not only are they fun to work with, but as they increasingly understand the power of Egoscue and they directly feel the benefit to them personally, they start to actively tell others about us. To those who are doing that, THANK YOU!! Our clinic doesn’t exist without you folks telling others about us, and that’s a fact. We don’t advertise, we rely on word of mouth to spread the word and give us a chance to help more people who are suffering from chronic pain and/or limitation.

One thing we hear consistently from many of our clients is “I’ve told a bunch of people about you, but no one acts.” This is a source of frustration to them. It’s like you find this terrific little restaurant in your town and you go a few times and have these fabulous meals. You love everything about the place so you rave about it to your friends, family and co-workers and lo and behold, no one goes. I had a client ask me once “how can I be more effective at helping people learn about Egoscue?” and I thought that was a terrific question. I gave it some thought and decided to share my ideas here.

My first recommendation is ‘keep it simple’. If you come across someone whom you think would benefit from Egoscue, tell them something like “I know you have chronic back pain, Joe. Here’s a brochure from the folks who are helping me. It’s been really effective, they’ve helped me when other things didn’t and I think it could help you. If you’re interested in learning more, give them a call, they’d love to answer your questions and give you some information you may find valuable.”

My second recommendation is to make use of the book “Pain Free” by Pete Egoscue. If someone expresses interest, tell them they can learn more either by calling or emailing us, or by getting this book and reading the first 3 chapters. Either is a great way to start learning more about why they hurt. What I’ve found is that some people want direct interaction, specific answers to their specific questions and those folks would be best served to make contact with us directly. Others like to move more slowly, do a little research first. For them, the book is a great place to start gathering information. I tell people if you read the first 3 chapters and they don’t make any sense to you and you think it’s nonsense, then we’re not for you. But if those chapters resonate and you want more information, then it’s time to get started.

Third, this is where I see clients get tripped up all the time. They’ll usually be asked one or both of two questions: how much does it cost; and how much work does it take? I’ve had some clients say “oh, it costs $1,495 and I spend an hour a day on it”, and then they wonder why the person they’re talking to isn’t absolutely fired up about calling us. “You spent almost $1500 so that you can tie up an hour a day of your life doing strange exercises? No thanks.”

Let me tell you how I answer those questions.

How much does it cost? I have no idea. Honestly. If I’m talking with someone on the phone and they ask me that, I really don’t know what it will cost for them to reach their goals. Maybe a $10 book and a little free guidance from us and they can work effectively on their own to get there from here. Or maybe they need personalized attention and a lot of it and they need one of our more expensive in-clinic therapy packages. Or perhaps the online therapy program would be a better fit for them, which is a lot less expensive than in clinic therapy. The answer is, it depends on their situation. So my recommendation would be to tell them “depends on your situation, call them and ask. You might get all the help you need from a $10 book, or maybe the in clinic therapy is your better option. I have no idea if that’s the case or how many visits you may need, so go talk to them, they’ll help you figure out the best option for you.”

Does that make sense? I’m honestly not trying to be evasive. I simply don’t want to tell someone it costs a certain amount when the best fit for them may be something totally different. And the really important point here is that regardless of their financial situation, we can find a way to get them help. If they can’t even afford a $10 book, then we’ll ask them to come to the clinic and we’ll give them one. There is no valid financial excuse for people not getting help.

How much time does it take? Again, the answer is ‘it depends on your situation’. Do I have some clients who spend 90 minutes a day on Egoscue? Yes. When I started as a client, my first menu took 1 hour and 40 minutes and I did it every day. But I told them I was willing to invest that kind of time. The majority of that was hanging out in Supine Groin Progressive, but yeah, it took a chunk of time. On the other end of that spectrum I have a client who is an athlete at the University of Texas. During school and especially in-season, his schedule is just crazy-busy. So here’s what his Egoscue routine looks like:

– 5 minutes before first morning’s team workouts
– 5 minutes at lunch between classes
– 5 minutes before afternoon team workouts/practice
-10 minutes back at the dorm in the evening

here’s the point: we can adapt the tool to the client and their schedule and situation. So if someone is asking you ‘how long does it take to do Egoscue’, the answer is “I have no idea how long it would take for you. Everyone is different. Call them and ask them.”

I hope some of those ideas are helpful. When you talk to others about us, you’re doing a great thing not just for us, but for them. There are a lot of people walking around out there in chronic pain, and they don’t have to be hurting. All it takes is for someone to come up to them and tell them that they have an alternative to living in chronic pain every day. You telling them about us could radically improve the quality of their life. We want to help as many people as possible to live a life free of pain and limitation, and we can’t do it without you. We need your help to spread the word. And to those who are actively helping us do that, again, thank you! We are very, very grateful.

And from all of us in the Austin clinic, we wish you all a very happy Memorial Day weekend, and don’t forget to find some way to express your gratitude for the sacrifices of those this holiday is meant to honor. We’re blessed to live in this great country in large part because of the tremendous sacrifices made by so many on our behalf. To those who currently serve, and to those who have served, our clinic thanks you.

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If you’re a runner, you will want to watch this

May 26, 2011

This is a great video from our clinic in Portland showing 3 simple exercises. If you do them before and after every run, you will dramatically reduce your risk of injury while also improving performance. Check it out and let me know what you think:

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15 of the Biggest Nutrition Myths

May 24, 2011

This is a good article and I agree with almost all of it.

The only parts where I take any exception are these:

– regarding salt, I agree with what they wrote, but I do think there is benefit from obtaining high quality salt versus using table salt. The primary reason is that I suspect much table salt is contaminated with toxic byproducts. I’m friends with one of the leading nutritional minds in Austin, David Favor of Sunfire Superfoods. He told me a story about how several years back he decided to start testing the salt he was buying from Whole Foods. At the time he was buying Himalayan Pink salt. He said that he found it was contaminated with nickel dust. That made no sense to him until he started digging and discovered that the salt that was mined would then be ground up using grinders made from nickel. So he started buying case lots of French sea salt until he got a call from his supplier who said that they discovered they had a contamination problem when one of their customers who used their salt in a fermentation process for a soy product (can’t remember if they were making tempeh or miso or something else) had their entire lot fail. They tested the salt and discovered it was contaminated with petroleum. Bottom line, I think the source of your salt matters.

Also, I think the ‘dangers’ of salt are overblown. A very interesting book on the subject of salt and its relationship to water and proper hydration is “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water“. It’s a very educational read.

Right now the salt I’m using is a heavily tested, very clean, and VERY tasty salt from David Favor’s company. If you’re interested you can check it out here

Sunfire Salt

– Then the article equates table sugar to high fructose corn syrup. They are right in several respects but I think the author misses some key distinctions that are important. Here’s a great article on the subject by a guy I really respect, Jon Barron:

HFCS doesn’t actually exist anywhere in nature. It is a manufactured product created by using enzymes (two natural, one synthetic) to increase the fructose content of corn syrup to about 90%. This super high fructose syrup is then blended “down” with a 100% glucose corn syrup to create various mixes. HFCS 55, for example, which is 55% fructose and 45% glucose is the mix used most commonly in beverages. HFCS 42 is the blend used more commonly in baked goods.

As a point of comparison, table sugar (sucrose) is a disaccharide comprised of a molecule of fructose and glucose bound together. It is very easily digested in the stomach into its component sugars, and in that respect is not unlike an HFCS 50 mix. However, it should be noted that table sugar, like HFCS, is not a naturally occurring substance itself and must be “refined” (although not chemically altered) through manufacturing processes before it sits on your table. And keep in mind, it’s no badge of honor for the HFCS industry to claim that there’s no difference between high fructose corn syrup and sucrose since heavy consumption of sucrose has been linked to everything from obesity to diabetes.

– Then when the article discusses meat, I wish the author made the distinction between grain-fed beef and grass-fed beef. There is a HUGE difference in the fatty acid profile between the two, and moreover, most grain-fed beef is also loaded with a lot of toxic chemicals you really don’t want to be eating. Organically raised grass-fed beef is more expensive, but is FAR healthier.

One reason why grass fed beef is so much healthier relates to the fatty acid profile of the beef. Grass fed beef is rich in the fats that are proven to be health promoting, and low in the ones linked to disease and inflammation. Grain fed beef is the opposite. This is especially important for our clients. If you’re in pain, do you want to eat foods that increase or reduce your body’s tendency to inflame?

Here’s a very good article by Dr Joseph Mercola on this topic:

I hope you find this information helpful and enjoy the article!

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Can Egoscue Make You Smarter?

May 20, 2011


Well, let me explain.

Researchers at McGill University found that people with chronic low back pain developed “abnormal brain activity”. They also found that when the back pain was resolved, brain function returned to a more normal baseline. Interesting stuff, you can read about it here:

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How to tell if your personal care products are toxic

May 18, 2011

from our friends at The Environmental Working Group:

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61 years young and she’s running again!

May 9, 2011

Check out this testimonial, good stuff!

one of the core messages here is one we consistently preach to our clients: if you hurt, don’t blame it on your age! You don’t hurt because you’re 31 or 41 or 51 or 61 or 71. You hurt most likely because your body has lost balance. If you can’t run because of knee or foot pain and want to be able to become active again, call our clinic at 512-527-0030 or email us at and we’ll go over all your options for getting started back to living a pain free life!

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