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A great resource for our clients

July 29, 2011

When Pete Egoscue was on the radio here in Austin last weekend, on one of the shows there were two hosts: Bill Swail, the owner of People’s Pharmacy, and Dr Amy Neuzil, a naturopath here in Austin. I was already familiar with Bill and People’s Pharmacy, we refer clients to their stores all the time. But I wasn’t familiar with Dr Neuzil. So I visited her web site and did some online poking around and wow, what a great resource for the folks here in Austin! Like us, she has an approach of allowing the client to be the expert and to drive the process, to use their innate wisdom and physical and mental resources to really direct the healing process. And then she and I spoke on the phone this week and I was even more impressed. I look forward to our clinic partnering with hers so that we can help more people in Austin than ever before reclaim their health and wellness and a life free of pain and limitation.

If you’d like to learn more about Dr Neuzil, you can read more about her here at her web site.

and here’s a post she just put up on her blog discussing Egoscue. Thanks for telling people about us, Dr Neuzil!

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The skin gun…..incredible!

July 27, 2011

Life is about to get a whole lot better for burn victims and people with other skin-related injuries.

this is incredible, check it out!

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Pete on the radio

July 27, 2011

Pete Egoscue has been doing a series of radio interviews to promote his new book, you can see the book and a recording of one of the latest interviews at our Portland clinic’s blog, here.

Great stuff, let me know what you think!

And Pete was on 3 shows here in Austin last weekend. I’m trying to see if archived versions will be available to listen to. I’ll post back if I can make that happen.

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Pete Egoscue will be on the radio in Austin!

July 20, 2011

Hi folks, I just got some exciting news. Pete is doing a series of radio interviews around the country to promote his new book “Pain Free Living”. By the way, if you haven’t read that book, I highly recommend it. Great stuff!

Anyway, Pete will be on the radio in Austin this coming Saturday, July 23rd, and I wanted to share with you the schedule for his radio spots so you could both listen if interested, and tell your friends if you have people you are trying to introduce to Egoscue. And even if you’re out of town, I have a handy web page you can use to listen to the shows live over the web!

Here’s the schedule:

– on KLGO-FM (99.3 and 98.5 FM), “The Good News Health Show”, from 11:05 – 11:20 am

– on KJCE-AM (1370 AM), “Let’s Get Healthy”, from 5:05 – 5:20 pm

– on KLBJ-AM (590 AM), “Healthy Choices”, from 5:40 – 5:50 pm

if you’d like to listen to the shows but don’t live in Austin, or would just like to listen to it on your computer regardless of where you live, click on this link and it will take you to a page where you can bring up each of those shows live.

Listen in, and tell your friends, it should be great!

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Is Egoscue reaching a tipping point?

July 18, 2011

Deb Preachuk thinks so. And so do I. So does Pete Egoscue and virtually everyone else within the Egoscue family. Deb is doing a great blog series on Egoscue and I’m going to link to it here, enjoy!

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Why we have a “health care crisis” and how to solve it.

July 17, 2011

Time to get my rant on…….

I’m so sick of hearing about “the health care crisis” in this country I could vomit. But when I hear different analysts and politicians propose their solutions to this crisis, then I REALLY get nauseous. Yes, we have a health care crisis in this country. Know what else? The solution to it is simple, it can be immediately put into place and will cost billions of dollars LESS than what we are spending right now.

The reason we are having this crisis is simple: we have adopted a dualistic approach to medicine and health ‘care’ that looks at disease and/or pain as some enemy invader to be conquered. Hence all of the “war on_________” metaphors. It’s the American mindset. We want what we want and anything that gets in the way is something to be dismissed or defeated.

The problem with that is disease or chronic pain is not an enemy invader from without. It is created from within. It is a product of us, of our own making, of our habitual thoughts and behaviors. We don’t “get” cancer or “get” diabetes. We create it within ourselves. If this is true, then the answer to changing the reality of such a diagnosis isn’t to declare war on ourselves. How can going to war against our own bodies ever create health and internal harmony? The answer is, it can’t and the statistics show quite clearly that this approach is not a successful one, either in terms of rates of diagnoses, cost of managing these disease processes, survival rates, however you want to measure it. Our current approach is an abysmal failure. As a nation, we are getting progressively sicker by the year in spite of all the money we donate for “research”.

The answer is to stop fighting our bodies, to stop declaring war on our own bodies, to stop trying to shut them up when they are trying desperately to communicate with us, and instead to listen to what the body is saying and search for what physical, mental or emotional systems are out of balance and look for ways to bring them back into balance, to give those systems the inputs they need to self-heal.

Until we make this shift, we will keep pouring billions of dollars down a rat hole. One problem is, the current powers that be desperately do not want us to make that shift. They want us to stay wedded to the biochemical model of health, for in it lays tremendous profit for the providers of those products and services. Not healing, but profit.

If you have high cholesterol, you do not have a “statin deficiency”. You have a lifestyle problem that is easily remedied by changes in habit. If you have back pain you do not have a ‘bad back’, you have a body that is out of balance in one or more ways, and that is entirely within your power to change. If you have diabetes, you do not have an insulin deficiency, you most likely have a diet that is exhausting your pancreas. And the list goes on and on and on.

But we Americans don’t want to change. We want to keep living a lifestyle that is physically, emotionally and spiritually toxic and we want a pill to make it all better. No such pill exists, and no such pill will EVER exist. Stop looking for one, stop looking for someone else to ‘fix’ you. Step up and claim responsibility for your own health. THAT is the solution to the health care crisis.

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Don’t let pain stop you, he didn’t

July 15, 2011

Great video testimonial from our Portland clinic. The guy had so much pain he’d quit doing almost everything he loved to do. And then he found Egoscue.

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