Update on Theresa

Theresa asked me to put an update on the blog about how she’s doing. She had her surgery on Wednesday and it went beautifully. She was in a lot of post-operative pain so they kept her 2 nights at the hospital and she came home Friday. Now she can actually sleep and get real food in her. Why hospitals think jello and pudding make sense to help people recover is beyond me.

The plan is still for her to be out of the clinic for the month of July and hopefully she’ll be back in the clinic in August, better than ever. She thanks all of you for your prayers and well wishes.

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3 Comments on “Update on Theresa”

  1. Thanks for the update Rick. My best to you and a speedy recovery for Theresa. Jello and pudding aside 🙂 -BIFF

  2. greg phillippi Says:

    Terrific news! Theresa, I’m glad you’re already experiencing positive benefits from the surgery. Hang in there. I hope to get to see you and Rick in the near future.

    Greg Phillippi

    • Hey Greg.. I just wanted to take the opportunity to say *Hello* my friend.. I always feel better knowing you may be lurking in the background 🙂 Always good to hear from you.

      And while I am here… All my best to you Rick and Theresa. 🙂

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