Dietary supplements are under attack – again

I have HUGE respect for physicians, for the men and women who have undergone unbelievably rigorous training to practice medicine. They care deeply about their patients and truly want the best for them.

But I’m not a big fan of the organizations that oversee them. The American Medical Association has a long history of working to ban alternative/complimentary medicine. That’s not opinion, it’s fact. They are documented to have worked (unsuccessfully) to ban chiropractic, homeopathy and osteopathy. What it looks like to me is that if something is arising as a genuine alternative for consumers of health services and products, where people will have the choice to direct their health care dollars somewhere other than mainstream medicine, the AMA will work to limit those choices. And indeed, they have been successful in a number of arenas. Alternative cancer care is one such example.

Now, the Journal of the American Medical Association is attacking dietary supplements. They have a commentary in their recent issue that is so fundamentally flawed that it would be funny if it didn’t have the potential to again limit our health freedoms. Jon Barron is someone whom I very much respect. His opinions are well reasoned and carefully laid out. He never hesitates to point out where those in the alternative health community are wrong or providing advice or products that are in error or could be potentially harmful. In short, he calls ’em like he sees ’em.

I encourage you to read his latest newsletter to get the scoop on what the JAMA is up to now. You can read that here:

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