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Golf, sunshine and dancing

September 18, 2011

hey guys, sorry for no posts in a bit. It’s been a hectic time. I’m up in Dallas this weekend going through a training seminar put on by the Titleist Performance Institute. These guys do a great job of helping golfers understand what is going on with their bodies, assessing the golf swing bio-mechanically, and using various functional tests and exercises to help figure out where golfers are limited in their ability to get the most from their games, and then improve their body’s ability to function effectively while swinging a club. It’s VERY complementary stuff to what we do with Egoscue and there is a lot of mutual respect between our two organizations. In fact our VP of Therapy Protocol, Brian Bradley, is on their advisory board.

I’m looking forward to bringing what I’m learning back to Austin so we can help our golfers even more effectively. And if you’re a golfer, I encourage you to check out TPI at the link above. They have a lot of great articles and videos to help the golfer genuinely improve their game.

now, in the meantime, a client forwarded me this video and I LOVED it. We get inundated with ‘bad news’ to the point where I think some folks and organizations actually WANT us depressed and frightened. Well, watch this video and you’ll feel your emotional state just light up for the better, it’s great!

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