My new radio show starts this Wednesday!


Hi folks! This Wednesday, 12/7/11, I’ll be starting a new radio show on the VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness channel. Stop Your Pain! will air every Wednesday at 1pm Pacific/3pm Central. You can click on the link above to listen live, or to listen later via archive. It will also be available in iTunes as a podcast. Below is the information for the first episode, help us spread the word!

Episode #1 – 12/7/11: Do you have back pain? Have you tried every form of therapy you can find and you still hurt? Are you a candidate for surgery? We have good news! We don’t believe you have a “bad back” and we don’t believe you are destined to suffer. We are going to explain why you hurt, how you got into this situation, and most importantly, how to get out of it and heal your back without drugs, surgery or manipulation. If you’re tired of treating symptoms and you’re ready to find the core problem and fix it, this is the show for you! We will have a special guest for this show, John Cattermole, the clinic director of the Egoscue Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. John worked in the physical therapy field for 25 years, and worked with many patients with severe and chronic pain. When he began to introduce them to Egoscue, he saw remarkable results and decided it was time for a career shift. Tune in to find out how Egoscue can help you live a pain free life! Join us, and let us help you Stop Your Pain!

If you would like help with your pain, we invite you to call into the show: 1-866-472-5792
or email us:

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