Do cortisone shots make things worse?

I believe they do.

I’ve told clients before, inflammation is not the problem. What is causing the inflammation is the problem. Focusing on inflammation is like focusing on the red warning light on your dashboard telling you to check your engine oil. Well, how much sense would it make to put a piece of tape over the warning light so you couldn’t see it, thus declaring victory of the problem because now you can’t see that pesky warning light? Well the answer is obvious, it wouldn’t make much sense at all. You have done nothing to address the actual problem, right? The same holds true with inflammation. Let’s say you have tennis elbow, or maybe hip pain. From our perspective, you have those pains because your body has lost postural balance so those joints are incurring unacceptable amounts of ongoing friction as you use them. And guess what happens with you present a joint with constant, excessive friction? That’s right: inflammation. So now guess what happens if you inject the joint and chemically suppress the body’s ability to inflame the joint? Well, you’ll probably feel better for a short time, but the pain will almost invariably return, and when it does, it is often worse than it was before. Why? Because the joint IS worse! The friction was still present but you couldn’t feel it, so you did all those things that caused it to hurt before but now you didn’t get the pain signal that told you to stop running or playing tennis and the joint began to structurally degrade. Now the chemical wears off and, put simply, you’re screwed.

Now a new study has come out talking about the impact of cortisone on the healing process and guess what they’re finding? Those who get cortisone injections get to a point of complete recovery MUCH more slowly than those who do not get the injections. It would appear that cortisone actually impairs the body’s ability to repair and regenerate. You can read the study here.

Folks, if you hurt, stop chasing symptoms. Give us a call and allow us to help you figure out the core reason why you hurt, then let’s map out a plan to give your body precisely what it’s asking for so that it can heal itself and you can get back to doing all those things you love to do!

Don’t settle for a life of pain and limitation. 2012 can be a great year for you. It’s time to step up and get your body right! We look forward to partnering with you to help you become pain free in 2012!

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