a great quote

I read this today and felt I needed to share it with all of you. Author Napolean Hill wrote: “Effort only fully releases its reward
after a person refuses to quit.”

I LOVE that!

How does it apply to those of you in pain who are “doing Egoscue”?

Well, are you all in, or are you still ‘trying’ Egoscue? Do you fully believe in your body’s ability to get better, to be well, healthy and strong, or are you still hoping that might possibly happen, but deep down you’re afraid it won’t?

Those are two very different emotional places to be. Belief is a faith-based emotion that yields great things. Hope is fundamentally a fear-based emotion, isn’t it? Think about it. You hope you’ll get better, but you’re afraid you might not. You hope your sick parent gets well, but you’re afraid they might not. You hope the Los Angeles Lakers can get a real point guard so they can make a run at the title, but you’re afraid they won’t. Ok, that last one might just be me.

But do you get the point? When I started as a client, I made a ton of mistakes but one thing I had going for me was a complete belief that I WAS going to get well. I didn’t hope for it, I believed it.

Hope leaves room for retreat, hope leaves room for inconsistency. Hope brings your energy down and raises obstacles at every turn. Believe, on the other hand, paves the way, renders you committed, and puts you in a mental frame of mind where obstacles are no big deal, just one more thing to overcome.

The clients I see who get the best results are the ones who TRULY commit, who say to themselves “i’m getting better, I’m going to follow this protocol diligently and I’m going to go get my life back.” And those who say “gee, this makes sense and I really hope it works” tend to have a much longer and more frustrating road back to health.

There is magic in refusing to quit. There is magic and power in believing instead of hoping. Don’t hope you’re going to get better. Believe it, and then do what it takes to make that happen!

If you need help figuring out what that is, give our clinic a call at 512-527-0030 and we’ll help you figure out what it’s going to take for you to get started on the path to wellness.

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2 Comments on “a great quote”

  1. Michael Cannistraro Says:

    Thsnk you for the post about “hope vs belief”. I have been doing Egoscue for about six months. I do feel better but not pain free. As a person whose whole life has been sitting in a chair and lacking activity, I tell myself that 6 months is a small blip in the recovery phase. Yet, I see some testimonials of people who are “pain-free” in A couple of months and I get frustrated. I should also mention that I 6′ 3″ and weigh about 297 so I have a lot of work to do on that end as well

    I have been getting individual training from the Westchester clinic and I feel I am in good hands. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent some frustration. I will work on believing.

    • Rick Says:

      hi Michael, thank you for the comment.

      First, you are indeed in good hands with the Westchester clinic. Greg and Mike are terrific. Both are good friends of mine, and exceptional therapists.

      You’re also right that you’re VERY early in your journey of postural restoration. Think about how long it took to dig the hole you’re in. 6 months? You’re just getting started. The fact that you’re feeling better is terrific.

      I started as a client in 1999. You can read my story here in the link to posts about our clinic. I was a hurting puppy. After 6 months, I wasn’t pain free but I was definitely better. Took about a year, but after being told I’d never run or play tennis again, I started doing both, pain free. I wasn’t ready after 6 months, but that was ok. And guess what, if it had taken 2 years, would it have been worth it? You bet!

      We have kind of a running joke in our clinic. Someone will say “I’m better” and my response is “I’m a big fan of better”. If you’re consistently getting even just a little better week by week, that leads to a very nice place over time. Plug in tightly to the guys in NY, don’t hesitate to vent with them if you need to. They can handle it. When you’re frustrated or discouraged, they WANT to hear from you. Lean on them and let them partner with you on this journey, you’re not in it by yourself. All of Egoscue is here to help you and support you.

      Keep on rockin’, brother. Better days are coming.

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