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Fantastic Testimonial

May 16, 2012

This was forwarded by the owner of our Portland clinic. One of their clients sent them this email and I loved reading it so much I wanted to share it with you guys. There’s so much I love about it. The client knows they’re not broken, they know it’s a journey, and they are immersed not in bitterness and frustration, but in gratitude. And that’s a very cool place to be (and absolutely empowers the healing process).



Kelly and Martin,

Before I forget what it was like to wake up and be afraid to turn in bed,
Before I forget how I hesitated each time I went to get out of my car,
Before I forget when I couldn’t push a grocery cart around the store,
Before I forget that I used to take a phone with me when I went walking alone
because my back might put me to my knees,
Before I forget that I thought I wouldn’t be able to travel alone anymore,
Before I forget there was a time in January when I thought I wouldn’t enjoy life again…

I want to thank Pete for the books that turned my life around and gave me hope, and for Martin
who took that beginning and now nurtures that hope each week that I am not broken, that my body
knows how to heal, that I will hike a mountain again– and that I already have faith that ‘if it seems too
good to be true, it probably is true.”

You may not realize the depth of my gratitude, but please know I wake up saying thank you every day for the work you do.
Sincerely, Marcia

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Your posture effects your brain function!

May 14, 2012

I came across this quote, from Dr Roger Sperry, who won the 1980 Nobel Prize for research into brain function:

“Better than 90 percent of the energy output of the brain is used in relating to the physical body in its gravitational field. The more mechanically distorted a person is, the less energy available for thinking, metabolism and healing.”

Think maybe working on your posture has benefits that go beyond simply getting out of pain?

Or put differently, using the tower DOES make you smarter!

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