an update, and an amazing video

Hi guys. I apologize that it’s been so dang long since my last blog post. But i have some good excuses! Well, they’re excuses, i’ll let others judge if they’re worth a lick.

The primary one is that a new, centralized Egoscue blog is coming. It was supposed to be up by now, but we’re still waiting for it to get technically released. Right now there are maybe 3-5 active Egoscue clinic bloggers. When the new central blog is released, the idea is we’ll all migrate over there so people can just read one blog and get everyone’s content. I think it’s going to be great and we’re just waiting for it to go live. Hopefully that will be this month, i’ll try to keep you posted.

Then, we moved into a new clinic space at the beginning of July! I want to take some video to show it off to you guys. Those clients who have been there love it, as do we! It’s bigger, it’s better suited to what we do, and it’s easier to get to. It’s just a great space we’re thrilled to have and we invite you to come see it!

Then on top of all that, back in May i had an accident and tore the labrum in my right shoulder. I knew it needed to be repaired surgically but we were moving so i put it off until a couple of weeks after we were in our new space. So i had that done in mid-July, and boy howdy, it’s been a real treat.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff i want to share with you guys and i kept putting it off thinking the new blog would be up any day, but i’m not going to keep holding off. We’ll move over there once that’s open, but for now, i’ve got a video i really want you guys to see. If you want to be amazed at your own bodies, to get back in touch with the concept that we are simply magical creations and that our transition from a sperm and an egg to a full formed baby coming out of the womb is so far advanced of any science we think we know, then watch this video. It uses new technology to show imagery of “Conception to Birth”. It’s stunning stuff. Enjoy:

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