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The Power of your Heart

September 27, 2014

I’ve passed along the newsletters from Learning Strategies Corporation from time to time. I’m a fan of their work. This showed up in my inbox this morning from their “Health Sparks” newsletter and the message really resonated with me to the point I wanted to share it with you all.

One advantage I have over the average person is sample size. Because I work with people in pain for a living, I see patterns that an individual dealing with their own issues might not see. And here’s one pattern I see repeated in our clinic every week: someone is in severe, chronic pain but at the core of their issue is an emotional wound they will not allow to heal. That emotional wound then bleeds into their physical reality and creates wounds at that level. They can do all the Egoscue routines they want, but until they heal at an emotional/spiritual level, their pain will persist.

I want to be clear, that’s NOT everybody. For a lot of people, that knee pain is simply the product of a mispositioned knee and once we apply the right corrective exercises, things immediately get better. But I see a number of clients where their posture and function is improving but their symptom persists. And I’ve seen such cases where the person had a breakthrough of some kind, where they realized they were holding a grudge or harboring a resentment that had festered over the years, and when they laid it down they were amazed at how quickly they felt better, physically.

So, here you go. I’d encourage you to ask yourself, are you holding any resentments? Is there someone in your life you need to forgive? If so, follow the advice below and see what happens. I’ll bet life gets a lot better on a number of levels.


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Welcome to Health Sparks
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Every day your heart, a muscle roughly the size of a fist, pumps about 2,000 gallons of oxygen-rich blood to cells throughout your body to keep you alive. As amazing as the physiology of it is, this primary organ of the circulatory system does so much more.
“The heart is the miracle maker,” says teacher, healer, and Qigong master Chunyi Lin. “The heart accounts for 90 percent of our body’s energy, the mind only 10 percent.”
In fact, research at the Institute of HeartMath has revealed:
  • The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body, as measured in an electrocardiogram, and it’s about 100 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram.
  • The heart’s electromagnetic energy can be detected and measured several feet away from a person’s body, and between two people in close proximity.
  • Information transferred from the heart’s electromagnetic field changes based on the emotions experienced.
HeartMath studies “heart coherence,” a state in which the heart, mind, and emotions are in harmonious alignment, and the impact of this state on health and human performance.
“The heart connects us to the infinite and universal source of energy and serves as a keen advisor,” says Chunyi, creator of Spring Forest Qigong. “When we surrender to its advice, it is very powerful.”
Chunyi’s own experience is a clear example. During the Cultural Revolution in China, his childhood turned terrifying when his parents were arrested and he and his siblings were driven from their home in wintertime.
They were forced to live in the streets with no food, as bullets and bombs exploded near their hiding places. Family members even suffered torture. Chunyi lived in fear and was full of anger, which he carried for many years.
As a young man, Chunyi was depressed and suicidal. Injuries left him with severe arthritis in his knees and bone spurs in his back and neck. He could barely walk.
Chunyi had practiced Qigong, and he wanted to heal. One day he joined 15,000 people who gathered in a soccer stadium with a powerful Qigong master for a day of meditation and healing.
“He told us if you want to heal faster and more completely, open your heart. Forgive in your heart those people who hurt you,” Chunyi recalled. “And I said, ‘No way! Those people with a gun to our heads wanted to kill us. How could I ever forgive them?'”
If forgiveness seemed impossible, the Qigong master instructed, “Then just pretend to forgive them.” So Chunyi did.
“I imagined inviting each person to stand before me and telling them, ‘At this moment, I just pretend I love and forgive you.’ I repeated it over and over. ‘I pretend I love and forgive you.’ Later on there was a gigantic opening in my heart. The long forgotten love, kindness, and forgiveness came flooding back to me. It was a great warmth, like a current of energy, starting from my heart and washing like a river down my back and over my knees.”
When the workshop ended that evening, Chunyi stood up with a sudden realization. “A miracle had happened! My knee pain was almost gone. I ran and jumped about the soccer field like a kid — I was so happy. My arthritis was healed, my bone spurs in my back and neck were gone, and my suicidal depression went away. All the people I had hated before, I now loved from my heart. Now I live in peace and joy every day, every minute.”
Forgiveness is love in action. Forgiveness allows you to release anger, the number one cause of serious energy blockages that can lead to all sorts of illness and disease. “Just from a selfish perspective, you are the one to benefit,” Chunyi says.
And when you forgive someone, you give that person a chance to become a better person. “Your blessing is powerful. At the universal level, it is not between you and another person; it is between you and your god. At the universal level, everything is energy. We are all equal. That is why forgiveness is so powerful.”
On a larger scale, forgiveness brings more joy to your community. As Chunyi likes to say, “You become a ‘love radiator.’ You carry this healing love energy in your heart wherever you go, and because of you, other people feel better.”
When you assess your own life, do you find anger or resentment within? Are you willing and able to open your heart and extend forgiveness to others? If not now, then follow the master’s advice — just pretend — and experience how the warmth of love fills your being!