Survey on the effects of chronic pain


Thanks to Beth, our office manager, for forwarding me this article. And wow, the results of the survey are indeed staggering.

Chronic pain exacts a tremendous toll both on the individuals experiencing it and society as a whole. Far too many people are struggling to find a way out, a way to get their lives back. This was me many years ago when I started as a client with Egoscue. You can read my story here.

If you are living with constant, chronic pain that is keeping you from leading the life you want to live, I urge you to give our clinic (or the Egoscue clinic nearest you) a call. Tell us your story, let us know what’s going on and ask us if we think we can help you. If we don’t, we’ll tell you and we’ll give you some suggestions on whom we think might be able to help. This is what we do, and over the years we’ve developed relationships with a lot of different practitioners of many different modalities. We have zero interest in being the sole means by which someone gets out of pain. If we can help, it’s our privilege to do it. If the problem isn’t something we think we can help with, then we will help you find someone who can help.  Our goal isn’t to get you into the clinic. Our goal is to help you get your life back.

You can email us at, or call the clinic at 512.527.0030.  We’d genuinely love to connect with you.

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