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A tremendous gift from a client

December 19, 2015

I’ve got a client, Peg. She started working with us over a year ago, came in with a variety of pain issues. Then her husband, Jim, started having some very serious health challenges and she needed to cancel her next appointments so she could stay with him in the hospital. After a brief time, he passed away.  It had been probably a year or so since we’d last seen her smiling face in our clinic, and then this last week she came walking in. She looked terrific, strong, healthy and happy, a very vibrant woman. I went up to the waiting area up front and gave her a hug and asked what was up. She said she’d written a card to send to me but decided she wanted to hand deliver it, and if it was ok, to read it to me in person. I invited her back to my office and she read me her note. 

Wow.  To say I was moved would be an understatement. What she wrote blessed and honored me, it touched me deeply. And with her permission I’m sharing it below.

We who do Egoscue therapy do it to make a living, no doubt. Everyone’s gotta pay their bills, right? But it’s a beautiful thing when you truly love what you do, and when what you do can make a positive difference in people’s lives. Pete started doing this therapy decades ago because in it he found a way to be of profound service to people who genuinely needed it. Those of us who carry on that work do it for the same reason. Whether you work with us at the Austin clinic, or you go to one of the other terrific Egoscue clinics around the US, or in Japan or Mexico, you are working with people who love what they do and are deeply, genuinely committed to your well being, to helping YOU get your life back. 

Please, don’t settle for a life of pain and limitation. It can be better. It should be better, and we’d sincerely love to help you in that journey.  And now, here’s Peg:


Dear Rick, It’s a few days before Christmas and I was thinking about people to whom I’d like to give a special thanks, and you came to mind. I am going to hand deliver this so you can see the difference in my body and my life that you made. Because of you and Egoscue, I have my life back. Because you helped me so much by focusing on my specific, individual issues (bad posture, overcompensating, doing the wrong exercises, etc.), I learned how to realign, strengthen and adjust, which got me back to my gym. In the past few years I dance more, do cardio and have improved my physical and emotional state. My resting heart rate is 55. My blood pressure is lower, my cholesterol much improved. I feel great. I have lost 30 lbs. I have more energy.

The last few years with Jim were the best, and part of that has to do with physical well being. Six weeks before he died we hiked the Lost Mine Trail in Big Bend and I am so glad we could do that. Without Egoscue, I could not have managed. Because of my physical strength (which enhances emotional well-being) I was strong enough to manage lost sleep and endure physical rigors of his hospital care. We were able to be fully present to one another, to say every word that needed to be said, to even do a last “hand dance.” You were a part of all of this and I wanted you to know how you improved our quality of life. Thank you, Peg